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Virtual Meeting: Asexuals and Aromantics of North Carolina

August 12 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Asexuals and Aromantics of North Carolina. If you are on the asexual spectrum, aromantic spectrum, both, or are questioning, please join us for our virtual support and discussion group— for all residents of North Carolina regardless of city, 18+. This group is peer-facilitator led, and also socializes through a Discord server. All events whether in-person or online are free. For more information on asexuality, go to www.asexuality.org. For more information on aromanticism, go to www.aromanticism.org.

A virtual discussion/support group for Asexual, Aromantic and questioning individuals who are 18+

Due to asexual and aromantic people being a pretty small minority, this support group is for all ace’s and aro’s across the state, regardless of city location. Currently this group is connected and offered through the LGBT center’s of Greensboro, Durham, Winston Salem, Raleigh, and Asheville.

The group meets virtually through Zoom on the second Monday of every month from 7pm-8:30pm EST with a facilitator. We also sometimes do virtual game nights! Join through Meetup, here.