Our Purpose

For more than a decade, the LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast, formerly The Frank Harr Foundation, has been an LGBTQ+ education and outreach organization. Our goal is to provide safe spaces for the community to gather, resources, and advocacy to fight for a better tomorrow.

  • Safe Zone Training – Safezone trainings are powerful, effective LGBTQ+ awareness and ally workshops .Unlike some LGBTQ ally trainings, our SafeZone program emphasizes structural oppression, privilege, and an analysis of institutional discrimination. We provide this training to a wide variety of audiences, including government agencies, private corporations, and religious organizations. The trainings provide a uniquely impactful opportunity to speak with folks about privilege, assumptions, and LGBTQ+ identities. Reach out to us at info@lgbtqcapefear.org for more information on how to schedule!


  • University Level Education – We provide education at the university level, including sharing specific tools and insight to Social Work and Nursing students on the unique issues that face the LGBTQ+ population.
  • AIDS Awareness – The LGBTQ Center is honored to bring The AIDS Memorial Quilt to Wilmington. The AIDS Memorial Quilt has been displayed at select venues in our community with speakers, educational workshops, and social gatherings to continue the mission of making HIV/AIDS real and immediate. We will continue to bring the Quilt panels to Wilmington. We work year round on AIDS awareness and testing programs in coordination with local non-profit Seeds of Healing.


  • Community Advocacy program-  The Community Advocacy program utilizes a multi-pronged approach to building healthier communities. The program educates LGBTQ+ individuals on how to report and follow-up on incidents of discrimination in the community to reduce disparities long-term. The team engages with public officials at the City and County level on matters of internal and external nondiscrimination policy to improve outcomes for LGBTQ+ people in the community. The program also works with local law enforcement, city and county staff, and local New Hanover County School staff on issues of inclusion, reducing disparities, and improving outcomes for LGBTQ+ people.


  • Support and resource groups – Check out our calendar for a full listing of active support and social groups offered at/through the LGBTQ Center. These include Narcotics Anonymous, Family Night, and Breaking the Binary; trans and GNC support group.

Youth Programming

The LGBTQ Center is happy to offer area youth the resources they need when navigating what it means to be a part of the greater LGBTQ+ community. We are committed to providing safe spaces for growth and inclusion through our programs, events and support for all young people- whether they have familial and peer support or not. Additionally, we conduct outreach and initiatives for individuals, families, educational and health providers who wish to gain a better understanding of how best to serve our LGBTQ+ youth.

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LGBTQ+ Older Adults

LGBT older people live in every region of our country, from urban neighborhoods to rural counties— and everywhere in between. OWLS (Out Wilmington LGBTQ+ Seniors) is sponsored by the LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast and is an affiliate of SAGE USA – a national advocacy and services organization that has been looking out for LGBTQ elders since 1978. Our objective is to enhance the lives of LGBTQ seniors in the area by providing access to programs and activities that build up our unique community while providing a safe haven for LGBTQ older people and those that care for them.

Community Outreach

The LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast is committed to aligning with individuals, businesses (small and large), and organizations that help us fulfill our mission of addressing the needs of our LGBTQ community. Whether through engagement with Wilmington PFLAG, OWLS, the LGBTQIA Resource Center at UNCW, Stonewall Sports and so many more, you can be confident that supporting us means you’re supporting efforts designed to improve the lives of those we serve.

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