Our Youth

The LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast provides support and outreach to the LGBTQIA youth in our community whether in a place of still trying to figure things out, coming out, or to outwardly and actively participating in the community. We're here for all.

  • Safe Space Training – We’ve developed a Safe Space Training for youth where individuals and groups learn how to make LGBTQIA and allies feel safe and included in any space they find themselves in. This program is not LGBTQIA exclusive as we include anti-bullying and other initiatives that contribute to an overall Safe Space for all. The training is broken down into six unique modules with a certificate issued upon completion.


  • Wilmington Pride Youth Group – The Wilmington Pride Youth Group is a project of the LGBTQ Center. The group is designed to connect LGBTQIA youth with their peers and allies by providing a safe environment of mutual respect while encouraging self-discovery. We facilitate this with a variety of educational forums, fun games, art projects and other activities which cultivate socialization and life skills. Youth are free to talk about whatever they choose in a confidential setting.


  • Leadership Opportunities – There are a variety of leadership opportunities for youth within the LGBTQ Center that are not necessarily LGBTQIA exclusive, but inspire advocacy. Current opportunities include the ability to create service projects for school, the church or other organizations our youth may be affiliated with (or wish to be) in our community.


  • Learning Service – New Hanover High School – As one of the newer programs offered, we have students working with us for school credit. Activities include volunteering at community events in a variety of capacities. The program requires 50 volunteer hours culminating in a final presentation and report at school. A recent project focused on healthy relationships within the LGBTQIA community.
  • Stop the Bleed – School shootings are a reality. We’ve learned most people don’t know how to provide the appropriate first aid care when the unthinkable happens. This 90-minute class provided by New Hanover Regional Medical Center teaches students how to help those in need whether knowing the right things to communicate to victims, support staff and EMS to actually assessing and packing wounds. Stop the Bleed is an empowering program for all.


  • Youth Steering Committee – Our Youth Steering Committee is tailored to our out and proud youth who wish to work in our community. The focus is on service, community involvement, peer support and education. The Youth Steering Committee meets every other week at the LGBTQ Center offices where they have the opportunity to engage with leaders in our community brought in to support their goals.


  • Condom Distribution – The LGBTQ Center youth, in partnership with the New Hanover County Health Department, participates in a variety of events throughout the year, provide correct information pertaining to sexual activity and the use of condoms and dental dams. New Hanover County provides the training for what we refer to as our Condom Ambassadors offering peer to peer education.


  • Domestic Violence | Homelessness  | Drug Addiction – These are issues that many in our community face. We have resources for those in the LGBTQIA community facing one or all of these challenges. In addition, we have ongoing events and training to help our youth recognize the signs of their peers that may be struggling, providing tools to help others receive the help they need.

Youth Resources

There are several outside resources available to our LGBTQIA Youth. This is not a complete list. If you would like to offer support or know of other support opportunities, please contact us and we’ll make sure to include you.

Coastal Horizons Open House Emergency Youth Shelter (the only local shelter that will accept queer runaways)
Wilmington Pride Youth Group
PFLAG of Wilmington
Wilmington Transgender Support Services

Are You a Youth (or Parent of a Youth) In Need of Our Support?