Wilmington Nondiscrimination Ordinance

Posted August 15th, 2021 in Uncategorized.

The LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast calls on Wilmington City Council to Strengthen and Pass A Full Nondiscrimination Ordinance

As an organization committed to respect and equality for all people in Wilmington, the LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast urges the Wilmington City Council to pass a strong, comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance. Ten other NC communities have adopted these protections, and we are excited that the City of Wilmington is ready to show leadership on this issue.

We have a major concern about the scope of the currently proposed ordinance.

We support a comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance and urge Council to pass these full protections. We are asking Wilmington City Council to enact enforceable protections based on: gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, natural hairstyles, pregnancy, marital or familial status, national origin, or veteran status.

We urge the City to ensure that the ordinance’s nondiscrimination protections include employment and meaningful penalties and enforcement. All people should be able to access the protections afforded by our local ordinance in their working lives, not just in public accommodations. This is a major gap and will mean that some people, including LGBTQ+ people, will still be vulnerable.

We urge Council to amend the ordinance to address this important gap – ensuring that employers are covered by the ordinance and that there are meaningful ways to enforce the ordinance. If these changes are not possible by Tuesday, we urge Council to table the ordinance and revise it. This will ensure enforceability and comprehensiveness, so that Wilmington’s nondiscrimination ordinance will be truly effective.

Caroline Morin-Gage
Executive Director
LGBTQ Center of the Cape Fear Coast