Check out the new Trace App for trans* folks!

Posted July 1st, 2022 in Uncategorized.

Check out the new Trace App for trans* folks!

My name is Aydian (he/him) and I am the CEO at TRACE.

It can be hard to find positive Transgender and Non-Binary news to share these days and that’s why we wanted to bring this new Trans-led app to your attention. TRACE is a transition recording and community engagement mobile application for Transgender and Non-Binary folx, and their allies.

There are currently over 3.29M people in the United States and 150M worldwide that identify as Trans and yet there’s no app out there that caters to the trans community. Aydian created the concept of TRACE as a platform for Trans and Non-binary folx to track their transition as well as build a safe community of allies to support their experience.

TRACE offers: A customizable dashboard that tracks important elements of someone’s transition, such as photos, voice, anniversaries, medication reminders and more.
A network of fellow Trans and Non-binary folx and allies that can provide support and share experiences in a safe place, unlike current social media platforms where Trans and Non-binary folx experience hate-speech, harassment and harmful anti-lgbt advertising.
An opportunity for allies to grow their allyship through thoughtful connection, and support for their Trans and Non-binary loved ones. A Trevor Project study showed that the support of just one affirming adult in the life of a Trans or Non-binary person reduces suicide attempts by 40%.