Cal Schutte Intern and QYLC Administrator

Posted July 25th, 2023 in Uncategorized.

  Cal Schutte is our new Intern working with the Queer Youth Leadership Council and technical support. Cal is a Wilmington native who has volunteered in his town for years. As a lifelong LGBTQ+ activist, he strives to gain awareness about the political and social issues that queer people face while also trying to bring joy and fun to the queer community. As someone who is both trans and disabled, he is dedicated to making the Center a place that is both inclusive of, and accessible to everyone.

In his free time, Cal enjoys making art, studying nature, and spending time with his two pet cats, Snickers and Doodle

Snickers, a tortoiseshell cat, laying on a blanket.Doodle— an orange tabby cat— sitting on a person's lap.
(Snickers, left and Doodle, right)